Grooming Salon in Erie, PA

Grooming by Charlene & Pet Boutique in Erie, Pennsylvania offers a wide range of dog grooming services and expert advice. We also offer a retail pet boutique that is stocked with nearly everything you need for your pet.

Experience Is The Key To Quality


Grooming Techniques

Using the finest quality grooming techniques and our experience makes us different from the rest. Some dogs have skin issue, so we use a wide variety of medicated shampoos.

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We Don't Cage the Dogs

In our dog grooming salon, we do not cage the dogs. They are able to run around and socialize. Like young children, dogs need to socialize around the age of 12 weeks. Our salon gives them that opportunity and sometimes they even make a friend to play with. Your dog will go home tired and will probably sleep a lot that night. Early introduction to people, pets, and sounds, is very important to creating a balanced dog. We create social bonds between your dog and us. Our staff has not changed in 20 years, so the dogs always see the same familiar faces.

Services Include:

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Nail Filing
  • Hand Blow Drying
  • Grooming Services
  • Custom Grooming
  • Hand Scissor Cutting
  • Ear & Anal Glands Cleaning